Virtual Piano

An easy piano for your keyboard or smartphone! Play piano anywhere using your keyboard, mouse or fingers!

Quick Start Guide

Getting started is super easy! You can play one of 3 ways:

  1. Tap the keys with your fingers if you’re on a smartphone
  2. Click keys with your mouse
  3. Use your computer keyboard

Remember, this keyboard only shows a small range of the entire keyboard at a time so you can easily change the octaves by pressing the left and right arrow keys.

You can also change the sound or patch of the online piano by selecting a different sound from the first dropdown box at the top of the app. At the moment you can choose a keyboard sound, an organ sound, an acoustic guitar, and finally an electronic sound.

Learn to Play Piano and Piano Chords

Dabbling in the piano and just having fun is always a good thing and it can be a great way to begin your journey of purely playing piano by ear. Getting lost in all of the nuances of music theory is common, which is why we’ve made it incredibly easy to get all of your music theory questions answered instantly.

If you’re wondering how to learn music theory, check out some of our other tools such as our piano chord finder where you can see what notes make up certain chords or our interactive piano chord chart where you can pick a root and see every imaginable chord that can be made from that root!

More about Our Virtual Piano Keyboard

Our online piano was first published in 2010 and it is now played by over 1 million users every year! This free virtual piano has enabled people of all levels of skill to enjoy the feeling of performing on a real piano or keyboard without having to invest in the expensive musical instrument.

You don’t even need to install an app, you can play the virtual piano right from your browser on any computer, tablet or smartphone! You don’t need any prior knowledge of music notation or reading music and just about anyone can sit down and play some simple melodies in a matter of minutes!