Piano Chord Chart

Select a note or key to see all piano chords, scales, chord progressions, and roman numerals. Learn how to build major, minor, dimished, and augmented chords!

Quick Start Guide

Getting started with our free online piano chord chart is incredibly easy! Simple use the virtual piano to click on any key and you will instantly see almost every chord imaginable for that root note. You can also explore scales and degrees of each key as well! Here’s a quick breakdown of each tab:

  • Tonic Shows an overview all scales and chords relative to the selected root note! Click one to get more detail.
  • Scales Shows a detailed view of the selected scale. This shows what notes make up the scale, what chords are in the scale, and the modes of this scale.
  • Chords Shows a detailed view of the selected chord. Easily see the notes in the chord in notation and on a virtual keyboard.
  • Keys Shows an even more detailed combination of chords and scales for the selected key. Easily see the scale degrees and their corresponding chord names!

Most Popular Piano Chords and Qualities

  1. Major
  2. Minor
  3. 7th
  4. Major 7th
  5. Minor 7th
  6. Major sus4
  7. Major sus2

Most Popular Piano Scales

  1. Major
  2. Minor
  3. Harmonic Minor
  4. Melodic Minor
  5. Major Pentatonic

Benefits of Piano Chord Charts

While this app explores more chords and scales than the average musician will ever use or need to know, it also serves as a reference to some absolutely crucial chords and scales that every musician and music producer should know. These beginner chords and scales exist in literally millions of songs.

Because of the nature of music theory, these chords are not specific to any particular scale or key. Rather they are moveable and you can use them in any key once you learn the structure.