This simple, yet effective tap-responsive online metronome is perfect for all of your musical needs.

Quick Start Guide

Set a tempo. In music, tempo is measured in BPM (beats per minute). You can set the BPM by typing a number into the box. This will change the click speed of the metronome. Additionally, you can tap a tempo by pressing the “tap” button. Using the metronome tap will allow you to naturally set the groove of the click, and is easier to do while the metronome is turned off. It takes about 6 taps to accurately set the tempo.

Set the number of beats per measure. by dragging the slider. Most contemporary music has 4 beats per measure so the is a good starting point. This includes genres such as edm, electronic, trap, pop, rap, hip-hop and many more modern styles of music. Some other genres such as jazz and classical music can be in different time signatures.

Start the metronome. by pressing the big button labeled START. You can also stop the metronome by pressing the same button.

Please be sure your volume is turned up and your mute button is not engaged.

What is a metronome?

A metronome produces an audible noise—often referred to as a click or a beat—at regular intervals that the user can set. Metronome time is kept in beats per minute (BPM). A metronome is a practice tool to assist you in playing rhythms more accurately. While not generally used in performance, many musicians use a metronome to maintain a steady tempo and establish a strong rhythm for future performances.