Guitar Tuner

This simple, yet effective guitar tuner is perfect for all of your musical needs.

Quick Start Guide

Using our free online guitar tuner is super easy! Just enable your microphone when you are prompted and then play one string at a time! The needle will tell you what note and frequency you are playing and you can adjust the tuning peg on your guitar as needed.

Tuning an Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar

The standard tuning of a 6 string acoustic guitar or electric guitar is fairly straightforward. In standard position, the strings are named, in order, like so:


Simply play each string, usually in the order listed previously, while also looking at our online guitar tuner. Turn the tuning peg on your guitar that corresponds to each string until each string is as close as possible to the target note and frequency.

Our app will show you what frequency and note the string is actually generating. Correcting a slightly flat or sharp string is incredibly easy and is crucial to sounding good when playing by yourself or with others in a group.

Perks of Using an Online Guitar Tuner

While a physical guitar tuner such as a TC Electronic PolyTune Clip will undoubtedly give you more accurate results, it's just one more thing you have to keep on your person at all times. If neither you nor anyone else around you has a physical tuner, the only option you have is to play out of tune. Or, of course, you could use an online guitar tuner like ours and save yourself the embarrassment of playing guitar out of tune. With the power of modern technology, you can save yourself a few dozen to a hundred bucks and use a free online guitar tuner like ours. What’s even more awesome is that our tuner works both on acoustic guitars and electric guitars. It even works on bass guitars! You no longer have to lug around a guitar tuner or worry about forgetting the one you have.