Camelot Wheel & System

The Camelot Wheel visualizes the relationship between keys. Mixing in key, or harmonic mixing, is crucial to mixing a good DJ set made easy by The Camelot System.

How to Read the Camelot Wheel

Like the circle of fifths, the outside ring represent major keys while the inside ring represents minor keys. Here are the relationships that will sound good together:

  1. Staying in the same tick (going from 1B to 1B)
  2. Moving forwards or backwards by one tick (1B to 2B or 1B to 12B)
  3. Moving in and out of the circles (1B to 1A or 1A to 1B)

The above “ticks” are only examples, obviously. You can apply these rules to any tick on the camelot wheel!

The Camelot Wheel System

This wheel is used to visualize the relationship between keys for a process known as Harmonic Mixing. Harmonic Mixing is a technique used by top DJs and it involves mixing tracks that are either in the same key or in a related key. This process eliminates dissonant and cringey mixing.

On the Camelot Wheel, each key is assigned a keycode number from 1 to 12 and these keycodes are just another name for traditional keys such as C Major and A Minor.

As mentioned above, it is best to stay in the same tick (or hour), move left or right, and finally move in and out. These relationships will work 100% of the time. Other key changes can and will sound good if you know what you’re doing but beginners are advised to stay within the 3 golden rules, so to speak.

Many professional DJs move around the Camelot Wheel during the length of their mixes or sets. This allows them to create smooth mixes but also create dynamic, and evolving mixes. An evolving mix is absolutely key to creating a captivating set. Thus, harmonic mixing (or mixing in key) is a simple technique but it truly allows for crafting a mix that is quite a bit more pleasing to the ear than your average DJ might do.

What you Can do with the Camelot System

You can make mixes and mashups that sounds like they were made by a professional. Music theory can be complicated but even someone completely uneducated in music theory can tell if tracks are harmonically incompatible. Harmonic mixing is thus incredibly important and the Camelot System makes this process amazingly easy for any level DJ to understand.

Harmonic Mixing and Camelot System is a Registered TradeMark of Mixed In Key LLC.