Audio & Music Visualizer

This music an audio visualizer provide an engaging listening experience by showing visuals that are triggered by the sound around you. Listen to music, nature, or anything else!

Quick Start Guide

Getting started is super easy. All you have to do is allow our site to have microphone access and then you can start playing music or making some weird noises! The visualizer will automatically react to any sound being played around you. It’s really fun to experiment with and allows you to create a music visualizer for any kind of sound.

How can you use the Music visualizer?

A recent trend has been the use of music visualizers on YouTube. See the example below of San Holo’s Light on Trap Nation.

We used a video from Trap Nation as an example because Trap Nation was one of the first and a pioneer in the music visualization on YouTube. The point is, though, these visualizers can be hard to make and there’s no real purpose in making one for every song you want to hear, and many softwares and streaming services such as SoundCloud and Spotify do not come with an audio visualizer.

However, our visualizer reacts to anything you put through it. This means you can visualize audio and sound that would normally not have a visualizer!

What is a music and audio visualizer?

If you may be wondering exactly what an audio visualizer is, it’s actually not that hard to understand! If you break the term into two parts you get "audio" and "visualizer", obviously. To visualize something is to form a physical or mental image of that thing. Since audio is something that we cannot see but can hear, then an "audio visualizer" is simply a way of turning audio into something visible.

There are no set rules for this, either! Some audio visualizers show a simple EQ graph or a map of frequencies while some are capable of telling full stories with visuals!